Recording Teaching SystemCreates a chance for your child to converse and speak mandarin, provides a platform for learning and thinking, gives a real-life experience and applying what is learnt into daily lives for a long lasting beneficial learning path.

Language Activities

  • Composition Discussion
  • Oral speaking
  • Listening training
  • Textbook narration and role play
  • Comprehension understanding
  • Word and punctuation activities
Scenario LearningProvides and creates various interesting and interactive ways of learning for children during lesson and also carries out cultural activities for personal experience.

Complete and more extensive teaching materialsExclusive language teaching materials. Complementing Eduplus’s language teaching methods are created uniquely in line with our programme.

Teaching research and editorial group Constantly changing and improvising teaching materials. Recording of Chinese language CD (an added teaching material) – Revision of teaching programme and creating a Chinese language platform with correct articulation and pronunciation of words.