Eduplus Language Centre Pte Ltd founded Eduplus Language Schools around the island. Since it’s establishment 12 years ago, we have expanded and currently have 6 language schools located around the island. As Singapore’s professional Chinese language school, we help overcome the obstacles of learning Chinese in a bilingual country and to also provide a linguistic environment. At Eduplus, we constantly improve and design new methods of teaching Chinese language providing children with a more enjoyable and memorable learning experience.

Through all these years, we have placed a lot of emphasis on communicating with the parents.Through various and countless of seminars, we have gathered a lot of feedbacks from parents on our teaching methods or systems. In the course of doing so, we have been able to monitor the learning environment and experience of past students, formulating and bridging the gap between our students and teachers as well as learning methods. This enhances parent-student dynamics and aids the progression of the child’s learning path.

Over the years, we have invented and created many new programmes and methods of teaching, always changing and improving teaching materials, improvising methods, providing a new concept of learning Chinese language. This aims to help students cope with the difficulties of learning Chinese in a more relaxing and effective way.

Outside school courses

Registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE), has helped strengthened our partnerships with the government schools. We provide government schools with enrichment courses to supplement the learning of Chinese language. These activities are not only interesting but are also a fun and enriching learning experience for students. The programmes have gain much recognition from schools and students.