Our Principal

Our Principal

Our CEO and Founder Chang Mei Hsiang

Parents trust her not because of her fame. They believe in her for the reason in her unrelenting dedication and faithful enthusiasm in the field of Chinese education. Her favourite words are, “Children should learn Chinese merrily. We need to educate kids on the benefits of learning Chinese. On this land, Singapore, we will build a world’s recognised brand for Chinese education.” She is not just our Big Sister. She is our partner in discovering and understanding the world of Chinese. Over her two decades of professional experience in language studies and her accumulation of different language teachings from various countries has made her our Eduplus founder, a true leader. She will spearhead us ahead as we venture fourth in our quest to enrich our Chinese learning path.


Ms. Chang Mei Hsiang graduated from Taiwan FuRen University, majoring in Mass Communication, Language Studies, Psychology and Mass Media.

She was the Executive Director of Rediffusion,“丽的呼声”, FM958 Program Manager. She also won the ASEAN Literature Choice Award due to her Collection of essays, “萍水相逢”.

Ms. Chang established Eduplus Language Centre in 1994, with a unique teaching method in mind. She is regularly invited to give trainings to the Chinese Language teachers of Primary and Secondary Schools under the MOE’s umbrella.

She organized Edible Book Festival for four consecutive years and collaborated with Speak Mandarin Campaign in“爸爸妈妈讲故事比赛” to promote the latter’s initiative to encouraging the enrichment and use of Mandarin language in Singapore .

  • Collaborated with AVITA, “The 24 Filial Exemplars”, “24孝—肩膀上的钢琴” an activity well received by parents.
  • Collaboration with NDP pre-events, “We Love Singapore”.
  • Awarded Asia Pacific Brand
  • Acquired and revamped Rediffusion broadcasting station.
  • Invited by Guangxi’s Department of Culture. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions and narratives to promote the traditional national education and the development of Chinese culture.
  • Organized Eduplus’s 2nd Reading Contest.
  • Collaborated with Ulu Pandan CC in organizing Singapore’s 4th Edible Book Festival
  • Organized public seminar“乐学善用” which was well received by both students and parents.
  • Held a successful large scale theatrical performance by students of Eduplus Generation 2, 《寻唐记》
  • Collaborated with WANG YANG HEALTH PRODUCT AND FOOT REFLEXOLOGY, “The 24 Filial Exemplars”, “24孝—亲子按摩”,an activity well received by parents.
  • Appointed by Singapore’s Ocean Butterflies as a General Manager.
  • Organized “武状元”, a large-scale imaginary drama to promote the Chinese culture with the
    China Martial Art National Team and Singapore’s Boxing Martial Arts.
  • Collaborated with Ulu Pandan CC in organizing Singapore’s 3rd Edible Book Festival “戏说成语”
  • Organized 4th Parents’ “成语故事”Competition with CDAC、Catholic School and National
    Library Board.
  • Established Chang Mei Hsiang teacher training center, which offer programs to those who aspire to
    be passionate and efficient language teachers.
  • Invited to Tanjong Katong Girls’ School to give language training to the
    Mandarin teachers.
  • Organized a seminar for the students and parents in
    “Preparation for PSLE”.
    “The 24 Filial Exemplars”, “24孝—亲子按摩”, which was reported in the media through
    Lian He Zao Bao.
  • Appointed as vice president of the twelfth Council of the Taipei Chamber
    of Commerce and Industry, Singapore.
  • Invited to host“Ocean Butterflies 25 Anniversary”Concert.
  • Launch of the 2nd Singapore International Edible Book Festival, theme “Spring” – a collaboration with Ulu Pandan CC and Tee Yih Jia Food Manufacturing. The event was well documented in the media.
  • Organized Eduplus 1st Reading Competition
  • Organized 3rd Parents’ Story Telling Competition with CDAC、Catholic School and National Library – “Alice in Wonderland”.
  • Established Singapore’s 1st School of Language Leader.
  • Organized , “食出黄金屋”, Singapore’s 1st International Edible Food Festival, with Ulu Pandan CC and BreadTalk
  • Organized Eduplus 2nd “Three Minutes Story Telling Competition,“三分钟演讲比赛”.
  • Organized 2nd Family Story Telling Competition“我是故事王”大赛 with CDAC and National Library Board.
  • Organized Singapore’s 1st “爸爸妈妈一起来说故事大比拼” with the National Library and Speak Mandarin Campaign’s community.
  • Appointed as MOE’s Chinese Language Trainer to give trainings to the Chinese teaching teachers of primary and secondary schools under the government sector.
  • Invited by Maris Stella Primary School to give trainings to teachers for Chinese Reading Project.
  • Invited by National Library to organize Singapore’s 爸爸妈妈一起来华文比赛.
  • Invited as a speaker to a seminar by schools of the South Zone.
  • Invited by MOE to give trainings to teachers of the primary school in the “Creative Reading Project”.
  • Invited by群立小学to organize a seminar – “How to accompany your child to read storybooks effectively?”
  • Invited by MOE, Chinese division to organize a secondary school teacher reading sharing sessions.
  • Invited as a speaker at the seminar, “Family Reading” held during the World Book Day in Singapore.
  • Invited as a speaker of Chinese story training to a National Library Board event, “一万个爸爸说故事”,and organized Eduplus 1st “Three Minutes Story Telling Competition,“三分钟演讲比赛”.
  • Official opening of the second Story Island Language School at Bishan and was graced by The Chairman of Promote Mandarin Council, Mr. Kenneth Tan.
  • Invited to participate in 5th South Zone school group seminar and forum – “Developing New Window and Platform for Chinese Learning”.
  • Invited to conduct Chinese Language Teaching training for teachers under the MOE’s umbrella.
  • Participate in the National Primary School site Chinese Writing Competition Seminar
  • Invited to conduct teachers’ training for Pei Hua Presbyterian Primary School Chinese teaching.
  • Invited to give a speech by Ibrahim Primary School.
  • Introduced Family Language.
  • Invited to host “让爱充满” musical concert.
  • Received a souvenir from the hands of Deputy Prime Minister Mr Wong Kan Seng from the campaign “华语COOL”.
  • Invited by Ocean Butterflies Record to conduct training for participants of VSinger,
  • Invited by the National Library Board to give a speech.
  • Expanded with 2 more branches, Toa Payoh Safra and Bishan Street 11.
  • Established Singapore’s First Story Island Language School at Taman Jurong. The official opening was graced by Minister of Education Tharman Shanmugaratnam, promoting the use of storybooks as a teaching material
  • Organized a cultural event, Dream Earth, “土色土香”, which was well recognized and supported by the education industry and society
  • Jointly organized an event with SMRT and launched a one month event of Story Telling in the MRT Cabins
  • Gave a seminar to DuPont Singapore and Singapore Polytechnic on “Fundamentals of Chinese and Business Conversations”
2002 & 2003年
  • Organized a joint event, “活动教室活动” with the Promote Mandarin Council.
  • Invited by Mediacorp to host a Channel 8 television program “都市新干线”.
  • Requested by the Ulu Pandan CC,to set up 2 storey high 4th eduplus language school.
  • A joint event“一粒米一世界” with Chinese Culture Festival at the Cultural interaction Exhibition, which received good response from the society.
2000 年
  • Guest speaker at the news art department, a series of seminars to study Chinese, which was organized by the Council of Chinese activities
  • Gave a professional Chinese training to staff of Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore General Hospital and KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
1999 年
  • Invited by MOE to publish a set of children’s story books “Mei Hsiang teacher tells a story” entitled “儿童科幻故事集”
  • Invited by National Library Board and Children’s Library to conduct an island-wide story telling.
  • Established 3rd Eduplus Language Centre at Liang Court.
1998 年
  • Helped design a series of internet program for the Chinese entertainment website, called “Mei Hsiang’s Window”.
  • Introduced her children’s animation “Ben Shi Sen Lin” online.
  • Organized language interactive activities for Chinatown Cultural Tour, in cooperation with Chinatown Point.
1997 年
  • Assisted Catholic High School to set up “校园广播站” – “Campus Radio Station”.
  • Invited over 20 secondary and primary schools to hold an educational talk together.
  • Established 2nd Eduplus Language Centre located in Tampines.
1996 年
  • Invited by the Teachers’ Association to give a speech in front of the East Zone school teachers about Eduplus’ unique teaching method.
  • Invited to host Channel 8’s program, “午后闲情” by Mediacorp.
1995 年
  • Officially approved as a MOE qualified teacher.
  • Introduced Chinese Broadcasting, Hanyu Pinyin, Chinese Oral Expression, Chinese Writing Course and Chinese Learning courses for foreigners
  • Published a collection of Parent-Child books, “童心妈妈,妈妈同心,有声书,陪孩子走一条语言路”, fully sponsored by Nestle.
1994 年
  • Established Eduplus Language Centre with a unique teaching method.
1993 年
  • Appointed as Program Manager by TCS.
1992 年
  • Joined Capital FM 958 and hosted “与月亮同行”, a magazine-based program, “月亮 DJ名声如日中天”, one of FM958 most popular DJ, one of top 10 Singapore’s broadcaster.
  • Awarded with ASEAN Literature Choice Award due to her Collection of essays, “萍水相逢” (Meet by Chance).
1991 年
  • Published essays “萍水相逢” (Meet by Chance), sound works :走进生活的小说女人 and became the first DJ in Singapore to cut an album
1985 年
  • Joined Rediffusion in Singapore as a DJ, became one of the most popular DJs, and was appointed as their Executive Director for consecutive 7 years.
1982 年
  • Joined Taiwan cubs radio and awarded the Golden Bell Award for best social program.
1981 年
  • Graduated from Taiwan FuRen University, majoring in Mass Communication, Language Studes, Psychology and Mass Media.