Learner System™ 学习者™系统

Learner System is Created by our Principal Eeva Chang, 

who has 24 Years of Education Experience.

She is also the Creator of Textbook Candy Tv Programme.

This system will be taught to help children to improve in their methods of 

Studying , Problem Solving and Learning.

It will also change the Attitude and Behavior of children to be more positive and stronger.

Students who go through the Learner System will benefit from the following : 

1.Student will be transformed to a Learner 

          – Students always Exam , Learner always improving.

2. Learners will be equipped with a positive Attitude and Behavior to   ensure that they will become Confident and Self-initiated in Learning

3. Learners will be equipped with a Strong Foundation of  Skills and Knowledge to ensure that they become Self-Sufficient in study, and Sustainability in future challenges.

Learner System™ Syllabus

Learner will achieve faster improvement and Better results ; not afraid of difficulty and has a self-initiated learning ability.

Learner System will integrate all the Chinese Language module into one in order to achieve Faster Improvement.

Learner will acquire the skill to enhance the ability in :

  1. Creative Composition Writing
  2. Passage Reading and Comprehension
  3. Video Oral, Conversation
  4. Oral Expressions, Reading and Listening
  5. Vocabulary Building
  6. Word Recognition Skill

Learner System™  – Who Should Attend

Learner System™ is relevant to all individual from Pri 1 – Sec 4.

The system is structured to benefit : 

  1. Child who wish to improve in learning and in social life
  2. Child who is smart and clever, but difficult to disciple
  3. Child who is overly pampered and ambitious, but cannot or does not know how to face the situation of “Failure”.
  4. Child who does not like to learn, especially classroom teaching style.
  5. Child who needs to improve their attitude and behavior.