PreSchool Courses



As your precious turns 4, he or she is able to enroll to a professional school to learn Chinese.

While teaching the preschoolers, we understand that it is important to stimulate their interest in learning Chinese. Hence, activitites are designed to create enjoyment through learning.

Courses Structure

  • Age 4-5 ~ Oral Expression Course
  • Age 5-6 ~ Oral Sentence Making & Oratory Summarize Course
  • Age 6 ~ Han Yu Pin Yin Characters Recognising Course


Oral Expression Training System
  • Pictorial Listening & Reading
  • Oral Expression Games
  • Pictorial Reading & Recording
Word-Recognition Training System
  • Colour Recognition Method
  • “Word as Pictures” Method
  • Visualisation Method
Learning Ability Training System
  • Silent Concentration Games Method
  • Creative Thinking Training Method