Scenario Learning Camp

Date: 20-23 November 2012

Here’s another fun-filled camp organized by Eduplus Language School. For the itinerary and enrolment details, please refer to the poster below:

SA2 Examination Special Preparation Course | SA2 考 前 特 训 课 程

Date: 24 September 2012

Eduplus ‘SA2 Examination Special Preparation Course’ equips students with examination skills and boosts confidence within 4 classes.
This course will focus on guiding students in precluding common mistakes in oral and listening comprehension; intensive training on the weak and error-prone sections in paper; simulating examination scenario in classroom to prepare students and help students relieve tension towards examination, thus achieving a good result…

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Eduplus Text-Book Reading Competition

Date: 17 August 2012

Eduplus is organising the National Text-Book Reading Competition.

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